Two Poems
by Adora Williams


Élan -ing


The rain of the flowers last the equinox

I can write this
Letter I will tear later and the words will


the memory

Deontologists never got
to the Rosegarden

Because ethics know no love that


the Genesis
Circles of cosmic matter Lilith was denied

was only made so we could decide to
write the adjectives first

so we could define—

Is it ecstasy or freedom; Dante e la sacra


in aspiration
The potential of a failed space ship
La decadenza of ‘lying’

In my head, stereo-vision, aerial perspective: a can of adjectives
How to decode la lingua and our neural pathways when we use it

No space perception without time, imprecision, harsh transitions

I tried to envision the next season

But I couldn’t

The only perfect present is already past


past I look at now from which is future then back
present to Me — the chain unbreakable one weaks to be fear
reverse, Reverse, in reverse of reverses
to the point of collisions in convolutions — imprecision conclusion decision on the aftermath — the
face the common — the Self’s greatest consternation
since the inception

i, thus, extrapolating, aim to be

one in the future, to be me
I know not much of her — me, she recognises
not when there I get, but right now, being
there meanwhile

fragments of choice potential of mine

prediction from my (My) sight
from her memory, advent

of sunny sundays isn’t made the one who verses
the dits of daisies, a dream is made of muses
real made real by power of will
nothing else, then
expelled from beatrice imagery
let be me the poet’s Daisy through the quill

Every pattern I insisted to break —
and every elusion the common ground I have gathered in
not Memory the recall, memory, yet, the imprint —

one in the future to be me fragments —

i love daisies and their wilderness so much
I can’t make my mind about their concept
may daisies be above freedom free; let me daisy be —

prediction from one’s sight
from Memory, advent

Adora Williams has degrees in Journalism and Languages and has written poetry for 14 years. She lives in a historic region of Brazil. Her poetry anthology, Mulher Poesia, in Portuguese is being
published in Brazil and Portugal in December 2022.

Twitter: @adoralwilliams
Instagram: @adorawilliamspoetry


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