is a new genre lit mag exploring the fusion of organic and synthetic expression.

COLD SiGNAL will be a new online-only literary magazine inspired by the aesthetic questions raised by artificial intelligence image generation. It will be a greenhouse for experimental fiction grappling with the ever-evolving tools of expression and creation in the 21st century, a home for our paranoia and rage as much as our humor and our sincerity. There is no one way to look at our transformation nor should there be.

In an age when words and images can be designed entirely by machine learning, what is organic and what is not? What is implicated in the bizarre decisions of the machine, arriving at its own solutions from a deeply inhuman process? What role and place does the work of the machine have in our society? How has the Internet’s instant accesses and bizarre juxtapositions changed our aesthetic sensibilities, our morals, our sense of self? Beyond these present questions, there is the past, the Human Narrative to ever reexamine. The lines between illusion and reality, history and fantasy, truth and lie are blurring in this modern age. We are left stranded on barren shores to redefine and reimagine the decaying ruins and the strange new growth in our wake. All of this change and confusion is ripe for fever dreaming, for an open art to explore.


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